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The University of Sydney

Rosanne Quinnell is an Associate Professor  in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney. The Campus Flora project has taken more of my time than she would ever care to admit. 🙂  The University of Sydney Campus Flora is an exciting initiative in its own right; even more exciting is the enormous potential it presents to transform how we teach Botany across the continent.  Twitter: @ah_cue

RIchard Dimon (2017): Linkage with Healthy Sydney University

Caroline Cheung: Summer Scholar (2015) on project “Botany Explorer”. Caroline and Glenda have submitted the USyd Climate Watch trail. Caroline set up the iNaturalist “Campus Flora” project; Caroline and Grant have been using iNaturalist to log their observations of plants on campus and so extent the coverage the CampusFlora apps to beyond only the trees.

Glenda Wardle: Co-supervisor of Caroline’s Summer Scholarship (2014).  Web: http://www.desertecology.edu.au       @desert_ecology

Grant Zeng: Student volunteer (Summer 2014 – 2015). Grant has GPS located so many plants on campus using iNaturalist (Grant’s observations) and has contributed photographs.

Nic Barker: Creator the interactive backend database for CampusFlora so we no longer operating from an unruly google-spreadsheet and Nic brought to life the WebApp (2014-2017).

Computer Science (COMP3615) students from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney developed the Android App as a component of their capstone project > Scott Dong, Alex Ling, Simon Baeg, Liam Huang, Kevin Ahn, Michael Johnston, Ahmed Jamal Shadid.

Lachlan Pettit: Lachlan’s BIOL2923 Botany Adv (2013) and Summer Scholar (2014) kicked off this initiative. Lachlan’s photographs feature in the App.

Angela Pursey (2014): Angela’s photos feature in the App and in this project site.

Shawn Wang, Satya Sinha, Nic Barker: Coders of iPhone Apps, Ruby and Rails. 2013-2014.

Matthew Pye: Lachlan’s co-supervisor on Botany Adv project (2013) and Summer Scholarship (2014).

Charles Sturt University

Contact: Dr John Harper

James Cook University

Contact: Prof Darren Crayn

University of Technology, Sydney

Dr Yvonne Davila I am a plant and pollination ecologist interested in plant reproductive ecology, specifically plant-pollinator interactions of Australian biota. I have previously worked with undergraduate ecology students studying pollination networks in Sydney urban gardens and on university campuses. I am keen to work with students to use the app to further contribute to the understanding of (the often overlooked) plant-pollinator interactions in our immediate surroundings. More about me here. Twitter:@whydee13

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