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The University of Sydney

Rosanne Quinnell is a senior lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney. The Campus Flora project has taken more of my time than she would ever care to admit. 🙂  The University of Sydney Campus Flora is an exciting initiative in its own right; even more exciting is the enormous potential it presents to transform how we teach Botany across the continent.  Twitter: @ah_cue

Lachlan Pettit: Lachlan’s BIOL2923 Botany Adv (2013) and Summer Scholar (2014) kicked off this initiative. Lachlan’s photographs feature in the App.

Matthew Pye: Lachlan’s co-supervisor on Botany Adv project (2013) and Summer Scholarship (2014).

Angela Pursey: Angela’s photos feature in the App and in this project site.

Shawn Wang, Satya Sinha, Nic Barker: Coders of iPhone Apps, RubyOnRails .

Caroline Cheung: Summer Scholar (2015) on project “Botany Explorer”. Caroline and Glenda have submitted the USyd Climate Watch trail. Caroline set up the iNaturalist “Campus Flora” project; Caroline and Grant have been using iNaturalist to log their observations of plants on campus and so extent the coverage the CampusFlora apps to beyond only the trees.

Glenda Wardle: Co-supervisor of Caroline’s Summer Scholarship.  Web: http://www.desertecology.edu.au       @desert_ecology

Grant Zeng: Student volunteer (Summer 2014 – 2015). Grant has GPS located so many plants on campus using iNaturalist (Grant’s observations) and has contributed photographs.

Nic Barker: Creator the interactive backend database for CampusFlora so we no longer operating from an unruly google-spreadsheet and Nic brought to life the WebApp.

Computer Science (COMP3615) students from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney developed the Android App as a component of their capstone project > Scott Dong, Alex Ling, Simon Baeg, Liam Huang, Kevin Ahn, Michael Johnston, Ahmed Jamal Shadid.

Charles Sturt University

Contact: Dr John Harper

James Cook University

Contact: Prof Darren Crayn

University of Technology, Sydney

Dr Yvonne Davila I am a plant and pollination ecologist interested in plant reproductive ecology, specifically plant-pollinator interactions of Australian biota. I have previously worked with undergraduate ecology students studying pollination networks in Sydney urban gardens and on university campuses. I am keen to work with students to use the app to further contribute to the understanding of (the often overlooked) plant-pollinator interactions in our immediate surroundings. More about me here. Twitter:@whydee13

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